Fundamental Techniques

Intro: Fundamental Techniques

These are the tools I use daily

To produce images with a convincing sense of depth and perspective, a good perspective artist needs the fundamental techniques taught in this section. I think of them as tools in a toolbox. They can and should be used as need arises and can be used in conjunction with each other.

  • Diagonals. There are many techniques for breaking up a box into equal segments. My experience led me to realise that they boil down to only four basic techniques. There are Variations that expand the usefulness of these four basic diagonal techniques. Practice them until they flow from your fingers and you will improve your design drawings and really start having fun.
  • Grids in perspective
  • Scale in perspective
  • Inclined planes
  • Circles in perspective
  • Casting Shadow basics
  • Reflections
  • Guidelines for distant vanishing points

With these techniques you will be able to produce your versions of the scenes laid out in Section Three.


Regular practice of these techniques will really pay off in making perspective drawing easy.