Boxes and Concepts

Intro: Boxes and Concepts

Step 1: Draw boxes
Step 2: Draw boxes
Step 3: Draw boxes

These are the three steps to getting good at perspective. Yes, it’s a supposed to be funny, but the funny thing is… it’s true. The box is the basic unit we draw in perspective. It must have vertical sides, horizontal tops and bottoms, and square (90 degree) corners.

As I was told back in 1984 when I was first learning perspective “the box is the key to it all. Anything can fit in a box. Perspective should really be called ‘Box Perspective.’ “ We will start by drawing boxes properly then we will learn the concepts that apply to what we just drew.

Basic Concepts

Cone of Vision
Line of Sight
Horizon Line
Eye Level

These are the four most important concepts that you will learn as you become proficient at perspective.

Concepts of perspective